Smart in Five is a platform dedicated to empowering older people to use technology to age better, smarter and more in control.

We are curious. And we don’t want to be left behind especially because we have so much wisdom to offer our communities earned through our life experiences.

We all have an equal right to have our best quality of life, and as we age we have more value to offer our families, friends, neighborhoods, companies, and work around us.

Technology can build momentum towards to a greater quality of life for younger and older people together.

We realized that as our friends, family and clients were aging, some were getting progressively disconnected and more intimidated by technology.  We decided to change that.  We decide to  focus on building confidence with people to use technology as we age, and make the most of what we have in our hot little hands today.  These are the consumer products we find to solve problems that we have.

Technology is a type of ingenuity that we can leverage to adjust our systems and policies to make the most of the fact that ALL Americans live longer and healthier lives.  This isn’t a silver Tsunami; this is an everyone every age Tsunami.  We’re not just dealing with more Boomers, we are dealing with more humans in every age bracket.

As we age, it feels harder to keep up with the fast-spinning digital world.  As a group of like-minded individuals, we paired our deep experience working in technology with our life earned wisdom around older people, senior citizens, elderly and aging, and starting thinking about how technology can empower us as we age.

Smart in Five is a place where real humans work to curate what you need to know about aging and using technology to solve problems.

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