Websites: Ideas and Activities for Seniors with Dementia

You still like learning and activities, and you or your friend have dementia or Alzheimer’s.  If you are a caregiver and you need ideas, you can look for tactile stimulation, easy crafts, activities and hobbies.  These are useful as brain disease is changing language and cognitive processing.  New ideas and activities with the right focus and time frame can help you connect with your loved one.  There are lots of fun things to do for our senior citizens and elderly.

1. Who can use senior, elderly and dementia activity ideas?

We need activities for seniors with dementia, because it is affecting all of us.

If you find that aging, caretaking or dementia is something you need to adapt to or around, then its a good idea to look for resources for your support team.  You can’t do it alone and you need lots of people, experts, and tools to help you and your loved one.

Dementia is continually changing your baseline, so any tool for how you want to spend your time needs to meet you where you are.

When you are adjusting with the new anti-rhythm set by the disease, for you or your caretaker, you often need new ideas and activities for seniors with dementia. is focused on enabling interaction between caregivers and people with dementia.  It is unique and valuable.

There can also be good stuff in the lists you find on the internet, like:

2. What is

According to their website, At Maria’s Place we believe that activity and life-long learning are cornerstones for a fulfilling life.

“We are committed to guiding caregivers to engage fully with those they are for in a meaningful and hearfelt way.” is a great resource found while researching tools for supporting caregivers and people with dementia.  We also know that because dementia is a brain disease, it changes your communication, and that can be isolating.  Finding ways to interact outside language as its changing is important for us to stay as vital as we can, wherever we are.

Plus, doing stuff is fun.

When we know how to do it.  I sure don’t want to do a 5,000 piece puzzle.  I might do a 500 piece puzzle.  I need to size this activity to my skill set, and my time frame.

Maybe asking someone with dementia to bake cookies is too much, but if I measure all the quantities ahead of time, and then line everything up, and ask my mom to make the cookies and slightly loom for support, doesn’t that work?  I could even make a separate batch of batter, and keep it in the cabinet.  Then my mom and I could make my fake TV cookies where the quantities are all wrong, but she feels good about it, and then I do a batter-swap at some point.  Some people might say that is lying; I think that is a creative no harm way to interact with someone, and make cookies.

It takes a lot of work to pull off this kind of TV baking choreography, and that’s why is so valuable.

3.  Where is ?

Online ONLY.  There is no physical Maria’s Place.  It is only

Maria Brady is ‘THE MARIA’ of Maria’s Place –  it appears she has dedicated her life to bringing positivity to aging, and the website is the digital version of her ideas.  Her team started in Colorado, but their website presence makes them a resource globally.  It is a membership program where you subscribe to their content.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

4.  When would you use activities for seniors with dementia?

Things like crafts, seasonal activities, coloring, body and mind activities, quizzes, word games, brain games, trivia lists, memory games, meditations, and exercises.

When you are dealing with aging, caretaking or dementia, you are adjusting.  Often you have to adjust to where people are.  Consider the person’s skills and ability, what they enjoy, if they need direction, if they have mobility limitations that affect participation,  and the time of day of activity.  This is supposed to be fun, so make it fun.  Who cares if you color in the lines, or mess it up, did we have a good time?  Your flexibility is critical.

5.  Why would you want dementia activities ideas ?

You are looking for activities you can do together as a family, with someone who is aging or has dementia.  You are looking for a community and more information about your experience as a caregiver and the disease.

If this whole crafting puzzling activity scene is just too much for you and your family, the Alzheimer’s association has a list of 100 activities that you can try out!

I also love this list from DementiaToday which includes my new favorite: whats in the bag? Its amazing.  I am not as onboard with the George Forman Grill BBQ plan.

Art and Music are two great tools for family engagement, if organized craft activities seem like they are too much for your team/family.   I’ve seen that Music is a part of the brain that stays a long time, even for people with dementia.  It can be used to connect people, or create joy, or distract someone with dementia.