App:  TIMELESS for people with Dementia

Imagine a grandmother with dementia using her phone to identify who someone is, when she can’t remember, or doesn’t know who to trust.  TIMELESS is an app that enables this.

1.Who is Timeless for ?

People with Dementia or Alzheimer’s who trust their phones.

Not the caregiver; the patient themselves.

2. What is Timeless ?

Timeless is an App that uses AI and Facial Recognition to empower people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

There is another app Timeless for meditation; that is different.

3. Where is Timeless in their process?

Still in research phase.

Not available yet.  I’d love to know what is happening with this product.

4. When can we expect to use Timeless ?

I’m guessing by 2021.

But there is just no way to know.

5. Why is Timeless useful?

Emma designed this app for her grandmother, not her grandmother’s caretakers. Timeless notes that there are no apps on the market that are about patients; all the apps are about caregivers.

Emma Yang is beyond impressive, based on her range of studies and accomplishments. Emma is accomplished beyond her years already; i can’t wait to see what she does over her life.   Emma was part of the MIT challenge in 2017,  at 12.

Yes. Twelve.

Emma has used her supertalents for love and altruism:  she has designed his app to help her grandmother.  Emma wanted her grandmother to be able to use technology to recognize someone.   Her idea and proof of concept allowed her grandmother to use her phone to recognize someone.  When a person with dementia is confused, they could trust their phone.  This is useful since when you have dementia you may be unsure if you can trust your brain, or know whether to trust the person in front of you.

This  kind of technology innovation gets me excited:  Identify problem and solve.  We will be following you Emma, for inspiration and leadership.  Keep going girl!

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