full  blue blood moon surfing

Angel Salathe

Surfing the waves of the full blue blood moon…

deep thought, deep emotion, intuition in bloom.

This planetary energy is in me, all around.

Sometimes sinking or drowning, feet can’t find the ground.

Other times it’s like floating, along for the ride….

this ebb and flow, this come and go,

this “I think I’ve got it!”, this “I don’t know”…..

exhausted, still swimming, paddling back out….

let go, surrender, have no doubt….

the water will carry me if I loosen my grip,

let spirit take the wheel and let myself slip…

not falling, not crashing, not being held back.

This universal wave will keep us on track….

“trust it” they say, “just go with the flow”,

“forget what you think you think that you know”…..

my humanness holds tight to comfort and safety,

illusions I’ve learned that limit and cage me.

Show me the truth, brutal yet wise.

The veil lifts, as I awaken with wide open eyes.

Find bliss in the journey, no destination to reach….

from experience we find what we’re here to teach.

Then, one day, it’s over and we must wave goodbye….

as we travel to places beyond the blue sky.