My Reef 3D Aquarium: Fun Activity App

Reef 3D is a fun activity app that turns your iPad into an aquarium for $3.  You get 16 fish, can turn the lights on and off, change the background coral, and sand.  You can feed the fish.  You can tap on the glass.  When we ask how can we use apps to help people with dementia at Smart in Five, we answer, FISH.  Not because we think we need to dumb it down, but because we find joy in the simple things, even if it is digitally feeding the fish.

1. WHO is My Reef 3D the fun activity app for?

Anyone who wants to play.  Anyone who likes fun.

I have literally been playing with this app for 18 hours;  I downloaded it yesterday.  I’m so into the ambient aquarium.  I have stopped doing something else, like writing this post, in order to feed the fish.

Smart in Five sees value in this app for a very wide audience, especially people with dementia, special needs, younger children, and any people who fear technology.

2. WHAT is My Reef 3D aquarium?

A fun activity app for IOS devices, like iPad or IPhone.

It costs $3.  No android.

3. WHERE is this App available?

In the App store.  No Android.

Here.  There are some people in their reviews who say they’ve had installation and compatibility problems. I did not.   I do wonder what level of service people expect on technology that costs $3, but that sounds like corporate me and I’m trying to keep it Mr. Rosewater around here.

4. WHEN is 3D aquarium available?

Currently available, April 2018.

5. WHY would you want to use 3D aquarium?

We should consider the value of using technology for play at all ages because that makes us smile.

When we ask what can we use an iPad for with someone with dementia, we may think about how to help with life tasks, or other sequence or cognitive impairment based needs.  I think that’s true, but sometimes just something that makes us happy is worth more than knowing what day of the week it is.  This is true for all people:  older people and younger people.  We also have something to gain by using it together.

The aquarium is so simple to use, and it is kind of smart.  If I feed the fish with the lights off, the fish don’t care.   You can also tap the glass and scare the fish.   Let’s play! WI want to know what else we can make it do!  More of this, please.