How to make a tiny you

Make an action figure of yourself and give it as a gift.  Better yet, make an action figure of your entire family and give it to your parents.

1. WHO wants a personal action figure?

Narcissists currently residing in NY SF LA. People who have a good sense of self, and just want to laugh at a gift with someone else. Your mother would love one of her precious grandson.

2. WHAT is it and what do you get?

Plastic figures of yourself or you with your your family.

Produce a tiny YOU! Action sized, 10 inch, 14 inch or life size (for $$$)

Two companies seem to be in this space: Doob3d and /Artec 3D. They use 3d scanning and printing with camera technology to pull this off.

Wired did an article about Doob in 2015.  Early 2018, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.   DOOB 3D is from Dusseldorf, in 2015 they were doing a pop up DOOB shop in Chelsea Market in NYC, now they have 5 locations.

ShapifyMe is a product from Artec 3D, which started in 2008 in Luxembourg.  They allow provide a 3D figure business.  Here is a video of their tech at CES 2018 showing the handheld 3d scanner – when asked what the secret is he said.  “10 years of hard working” – thank you for your honesty.  Target market is industrial market and medical market plus more like university, research etc.  They also show the scan booth.

3. WHERE can you do this?

At home, or in one of the 3D studios.

You would need to go to a Doob location in  NYC LA SF.  Their setup includes 54 lenses (in nine columns of six cameras) and a ton of hardware and software to support capturing and rendering it in 3D.  It is cool that it was a little family unit where she held her daughter and her son held onto her leg.

You would need to go to a ShapifyMe location in Portland or Houston, or Vegas pop up.

At home, You would need to use ShapifyMe and your Microsoft Kinect to scan yourself!

At work, You would need to use ShapifyMe the scan device with all its goodies

4. WHEN can you make your figure ?

You need to make an appointment or order stuff at your house; this is a very specific thing that you can only do in a few places right now.

5.  WHY would you do this?

Gift a you to your family or to your friends.   Narcissism gifts are so in this season / decade.

I saw Dorit Kemsley go to the LA Doob Location on episode 8 – season 8 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Dorit with her kids and they stand inside a photo booth for a few minutes.  The photobook looks like the E Network glambooth, and it scans an image.

When the figure arrived, Dorit and her husband PK were excited to receive it and really liked it.  He teased that she resembled Barbra Streisand.  Insert housewife and husband laughter here.  They were feeling like this is worth it.

Seconds later, PK knocks the figure off the coffee table.  The head of the daughter breaks off, they laugh awkwardly.  Cut to scene where Ken and Lisa Vanderpump hold puppies.

Beverly Hills may be the most discerning housewives; PK and Dorit have a positive experience in making, receiving, laughing and breaking their action figure.

That assumes that no one has any business or other financial incentive in the mix.

On the enabling business angle, Artec 3D is open to selling this scanner, with software and hardware to  enable you to run your own 3d figure business, which is pretty interesting to think about.  I can’t tell how many figures or prostethis you’d have to produce to make it worth your time.  Here is theirvideo from CES showing their handheld scanner.

Think about this – 3D printing tiny yous might lead to a whole other line of business being altered.

What do you do for a living? Imagine…

  • I print 3d figures out of my studio.
  • I print 3d prostethetics for hospitals.
  • I scan images of houses for appraisals with my 3d laser reading gun.

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