Granny Cloud: Chat with international kids weekly

Granny Cloud is a organization that uses technology to connect grannies (volunteers over 21 – granny doesn’t mean elderly this time), to kids in other countries to chat.  Embracing learning, friendly and polite discussion, practicing language, and good old fashion human exchange are all potential benefits of this program.

1. Who needs Granny Cloud?

Anyone who a little time to jump online and help some kids in a far away place.  Anyone who has imagined being a grandmother or grandfather.

Or maybe you have one hour per week to spend getting online and talking to some kids in Africa or Asia.

2. What is Granny Cloud ?

A vounteer lead team based on an idea from Sugata Mitra.

They are using mostly existing technology tools like skype, websites and blogs to enable their business.

3. Where is it ?

It’s also part of the Grand Challenges with Aging2.0, which supports innovators that are taking on the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.

4. When can I use Granny Cloud?

It only requires a one hour a week commitment, which actually sounds kind of amazing.

Reading these storiesshows some of the impact to both Grannies and kids, as well as what it is like to have a one hour chat online with a language barrier.

Time zone is something to consider when you are planning your engagement.

5. Why would I want Granny Cloud?

Granny Cloud is an opportunity to use technology to gain experience and connection, without a big time commitment or any financial commitment. 

Well, you might need to buy some gear to Skype, or go to a class to learn how to Skype (although I suspect you can find someone you know to teach you).  Its a low cost engagement and you can do it from home!

Granny Cloud does specifically prohibit people asking each other for money, arranging marriages, explicit content and harassment.  They have an application process including a Skype interview; its not like you can just register and log onto a class so there is a level of governance for participation.  I’m thinking a lot of people actually opt out when they read the description of the application.  You must record a video of yourself and that probably freaks most people out.

Why wouldn’t you ?