Love and Belonging

Smart in Five celebrates our primal evolutionary desire for love and belonging as the best part of being human.

Social isolation, and loneliness are the back hand.  Social isolation and loneliness as older person can be especially challenging as the world around us changes.

Love, belonging, and technology together are about staying connected to our tribes.   That seems to be an odd fit – how does something cold, support something warm, like love and belonging?   It’s an enabler.

As we live longer, our physical bodies are changing and our hands might not work like they used to, and we may be noticing hearing changes, even if we don’t want to say it outloud.

You think hearing is just body stuff; its also about love and belonging.

It’s about you missing what people are saying, and you missing out on connecting with them. Text can be a powerful communication tool for love and connection when speaking isn’t possible.

Technology CAN help us not to feel sad and lonely.

To feel happy, get a robot pet as a companion pet.

If you need help with activities for people with dementia, we’ve found some great resources.

For our future, we found an app still in development that helps people with dementia know their loved ones, and feel less stress and more calm.
“Love, True Love, is what brings us together today”. [you know].