Mind and Body wellness

Smart in Five embraces quality of life and healthy aging for all people.

It is said that our body is a temple.  The Smart in Five mind-body temple includes health, medical needs, wellness, senior wellness, healthy aging, exercise, mobility, vision, taste, hearing, and feeling happy.

How can tech help our bodies and minds be their best, wherever they are today?

We are focused on technology for older people to improve mind and body.

  • For dementia, we are excited to see research gaining more and more momentum.  And, we continue to need tools for people here right now. Can Automated Pill Dispensers,  or Location Trackers help us when we have cognitive and memory impairment?
  • Since happiness and health are connected, Robot Cats and IPad Aquariums can bring us smile which is worth a lot for our wellness.
  • Losing our hearing as we age is real.  For slight hearing loss, hearables and wireless earbuds from Bragi and Nuheara are interesting options for assisted listening devices.   If you or a loved senior citizen are dealing with deafness, deaf technology can offer aid to our other senses.
  • Smart in Five gets excited about biometric testing of proteins, its hows some good progress for medical diagnosing Alzheimer’s even if it is a small study and early in the process, it shows that people are invested in a medical diagnosis.

Let’s keep living a good life well at all ages, instead of being obsessed with staying young.  Keeping active minds and bodies help us stay engaged, be happy, and share our life-earned wisdom with our families, friends and communities.