At Smart in Five, we are interested and interesting.

You aren’t dead yet, and you still have something to contribute.

You don’t know where, you don’t know how, but you have the desire to stay relevant and connected, and you want to contribute to your friends, family and community. Maybe you are an older person, a baby boomer, a senior citizen, an elderly person, or empty nester.  At any age, you may be a little bored of talking to your spouse, your parents, your kids, your friends.  You may have stuff you just don’t understand, and you still want to understand stuff.

We like curiousity.

We like reflecting on technology and the human condition.  We read lots of books, lots of newspapers, and talk to other humans about anything we can think of.  Sometimes we go to Tai Chi, because we are curious.

We’re talking blockchain.

We’re reflecting on ethics and self-checkout.

We’re into space exploration.

Curiousity keeps us living.